Friday, December 22, 2006


This is the glue gun that I have had since time began. The metal stand that used to hold it up is gone, so I have it proped up in a box. (safety? I had to make do, and I thought it was better up off the surface, rather than lying on it's side) Of course a glue gun is hot, but this one, because it is one of the first models ever created oh so HOT. It is not a "low melt" or even a "two tempurature" melt. It is just 'burn-the-prints-off-your-fingers' melt. The black on the tip is build-up from the years of heating and cooling. ... Christmas is coming. And I think there is a new gun with a stand in my future.

Most recently, the gun was fired up to make these. Here we are in the holidays... buying, wrapping, knitting, sewing... and then, in the free time, I am tying string into loose double knots. "We're tying the knot" There is a LOT going on!


kat said...

oh if i had only known, there would have been a glue gun under your tree!

Marisol said...

OMG!!!! Congratulations Susie! I am so happy for you:)