Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Brocolli Romanesco

I went out for food. It was shocking to be off the couch. A trip to the non-chain organic market was in order. There have been too many 'deliveries' of pizza and curry in the last few days.
I found lots of great stuff, but topping the list was this amazing thing.

It reminds me of the creatures you see scuba diving.
These super minds of math and science describe it using "Pascal's Triangle of binomial Coefficients"
The computer generations of Pascal's triangle model are actually a quilt pattern too. So it all ties together.
Eat healthy, and craft often. And work out the fractal nesting at your leisure.

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Kathy said...

wow what a color. the new safeway the other day had orange, purple, white & yellow califlower, it was so pretty.