Saturday, October 2, 2010

We've Gone Global

There is an article about us today in the Hindustan Times (The major newspaper in India)
Here we are in the lifestyle section

Kat and I are nothing if not "Lifestyle"
I am giddy. Does my Husband understand that he is living with a 'designer' with "international press"?
I have to go now. I am very very busy doing glamorous things. (And catching my breath.)


Anonymous said...

Global fame, global comments: Congratulations on your article from The Netherlands! Becky

shopgirl said...

Thanks, this has been super fun.
I haven't seen anything in the Netherlands. Can you show us?

Karen said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to now have to disappoint you; I just sent you my personal congratulations from another place far from USA (like India). Carry on. Becky

Manisha said...

You both are awesome! I can't wait to see this week's outfit!

Alexa said...

What. This is crazy. Now I'm friends with a celeb AND her celeb mom. Oh, your crafty celeb family.

Mark said...

That's so cool.