Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I was working on my project and I had the iron out. (The tiny one was asleep, and properly contained, and no where near.)
The hot iron got a little too close to Rody, the inflated pony.
Dang it.
Uh oh

I'm not sure if he can be patched. I'm not sure if he should be, really.
We'll see. (We'll ask the car guy. He knows a thing or two about patching rubber.)


kat said...

Oh no! & did the iron get all gooped with melted rubber?

shopgirl said...

Ha ha. No the iron was fine. A quick wipe, and it was all gone.

Jenny K said...

I have an iron imprint on my carpet in the basement... one of the boys knocked it off onto the carpet and it melted the carpet. The same child also tried to surf on the ironing board... it was a little bent after that.