Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Minneapolis Charm

Between camp and Fair Hills I had the pleasure of staying with Kat.
This woman is a crafter, a foodie, a food blogger, eats mostly local, and is well known at the farmer's markets and the local restaurants. It is always such fun to stay with her and get a window into her world.
Frozen treats
(Here are strawberries, frozen for later treats)

One day during our visit, I wanted some ice cream, or a little treat of some sort, but we didn't really want to get in the car.
We walked to a place called Wise Acre. It is a converted Garage, and the doors roll up.
Wise Acres
Until recently it was a custard place.
Now it is a 'local' food place.
tall grasses.

And it is run by the same people that own Tangle Town Gardens, Wall garden, Wise Acresacross the street. The containers and planted wall are amazing.
Wise Acres playing
This place was charming. And the fact that it is walking distance to Kat, and 'local' food, and beautifully done...it had everything going for it.
It was exactly the kind of charming afternoon that makes Minneapolis irresistible in the Summer-time.

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