Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Vacation in Review

After Camp, we went to Minneapolis, then we headed North again, in a caravan of 4 cars. It was the annual pilgrimage to Fair Hills.
3 meals-a-day, ice cream socials, sail boats at the ready, water equipment, a pool, a hot tub, kids activities, The Lake, and the whole family together. What is not to like?
happy swimmer girl
We hit the pool, and the kayaks right away the first day.
An old fashion Bingo game
We started with ridiculous weather
but that left us time for dancing, and costumes

We visited our excellent flea market, and Drive scored some old plates
old plates and signs
Three generations took rides on the waterslide!
Three generations:The Waterslide
And Mom, the skipper, took us sailing
I'll space out the fun.

Part II tomorrow


kat said...

Such old school fun in the best way

Kara said...

This is the epitome of summer fun!