Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The "Reentry": Minneapolis

We left the shores of Pelican Lake, and headed for Minneapolis.
We have friends and family in "The Cities" so it is always a busy, fun time when we visit.
First, we went to the Edina Aquatic Center. This place is AMAZING.
There is a huge kiddie area where we spent hours.
And Grandma Bunnie was enjoying the shade, and giving out hugs.
Bunnie and her girls

The next day we hung out with Kathy and Matt.
They visit the Kingfield Farmer's market all summer, and blog about what they find, and how they use it through the week. I love reading all their ideas, and seeing their menus. So it was such a treat to see the market live and in person with them.
As an extra treat, Kathy let us know there was going to be a puppet show in the morning. So we got the lead out, and met them in time to see the show.
Now, let me say, we have a little Farmer's Market here, and they have little musical acts that Jambi loves, so we thought this would be a good fit from the beginning.
We were unprepared for what we saw. It was off-the-charts spectacular.
I was sitting off to the side, so my pictures do not do it justice.
This was a full scale "production". There were two puppeteers and an accompanist.
puppet theater (and accompaniment)
Jambi sat for some of it, but mostly she stood in rapt attention.
she loves the show
She oooed and aaaahed, and pointed things out to make sure everyone appreciated the finer points.
Jambi (and Pooh) enjoying the show
The show was original material, "The Amazing Cow-Boat Adventures!" The puppets and Marionettes were all hand made, and well loved. They sang their way through a whole repertoire of songs and scene changes. The show lasted a full 30 minutes!
cow-boat theater
Jambi is still singing the songs from the show. (and it took me 2 days to figure out what song she was singing. ! "powder-co, powder-co" = "Part Cow, Part Boat, Part imagination!")
The Kingfield farmer's market itself is just charming. There is a perfect mix of different booths; hand died yarn, artisanal breads, and really interesting cooked food, (including these ladies at The Chef Shack.) And, of course, there is beautiful produce, just as you would expect.
One of the highlights of the whole thing was me, on a bike, pedaling to blend my own smoothie!
blending my own smoothie!
Can I just say, they put frozen strawberries in there! And it was a hot day!
We are thinking of getting this pedal blender for our home. It would clearly do some good! Now, where to put it...?


kat said...

You do have that patio that would be perfect for a pedal blender!

Miller Burns, Fill Dirt and Croissants said...

What fun to see these pictures - so sorry that I missed you when you were here. Amelia is beautiful.