Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Vacation in Review Part II

We took a trip "off the ranch" and went to the quilt store
A field trip to Back Porch Quilts
We all got fabric for our "next project". (And now I am busy plotting and planning. You will certainly see what I got, and where I am going with it in the future.)

Grandma Bunnie made matching dresses - and shoes - for the girls!!
The ladies in their frocks
Crazy cute.
skipping in the water
New fishie dresses
She admired the Pelican
Admiring the Pelican
And got Daddy to buy us Ice Cream

She lined up for the parade
parade line-up

And then marched!

And fell in love with two hats
Two hats


And radiated general cuteness.
new dress

We all had a dog'gone good time!
The little dog

I hope you all have had a fun filled first half of summer!! Lot's of heat, and fruit, and ice cream cones, and pretty dresses, and sparkly hats, and loved ones all around!

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kat said...

I was betting Grandma Bunnie made those dresses when I saw them on Flickr