Sunday, July 10, 2011

the art of recycled art

The Iron Craft Work room:
I have in mind my project for this week's Iron Craft Challenge. But I cannot find the ‘trash’ to do it with.
I am now hording trash – and making my husband a little crazy.
I need one certain kind of plastic. (plastic # 6) and in San Francisco – there are NO places that are trafficking in the #6. !!!
Think “salad bar clam shell”. Well not here! It is all recycled brown paper folding boxes, a la Whole Foods.

Do I really have to shredding Target bags and knit a ‘shopping bag’ out of shopping bags?
Heaven only knows I have a stash of those!!!

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kat said...

It seems like this week's challenge should be so easy & yet I'm struggling too... I blame this sickness I have.